Solar Water Distillation For Drinking Water Design By Andy Lee Graham

The design for a simple, cheap, solar water distillation system for drinking water that would be appropriate technology for developing countries.

Solar Water Distillation

How to make a solar water distillation system that does not require too many brain cells.

Please note, 1.5 billion people live off the grid, they have no electricity and they are not survivalist, preppers, or minimalist, they just live simple, this about 15 percent of the world population.

I couldn't take it any longer, I need to combine all the innovative concepts into one drawing. The only think difficult to attain here is the glass for the top of solar evaporation box.. I suppose I need a way for overflow of when it rains too much, some way to regulate the water level in the solar evaporation box.

This requires not electricity, and utilizes science concepts, in simplified English.

1. Rain water is essentially a type of solar distilled water.

2. Particulate matter needs to removed as to not make the solar evaporation box too dirty, to fast. Dirty settles by gravity.

3. Ultraviolet rays kill organic matter, bacteria, and germs. It would sort of be better to have another tank made of clear glass to allow the water to solar radiate in ultraviolet rays for 2 days.

4. Solar evaporation distills, cleans water, and rises.

5. Condensation is when the evaporated water connects with the glass.

6. Gravity flow system, no pumps needed.

7. Glass bottles to hold water, so no petrochemical plastic problems in the water.

How much water in one day?

The average person drink about 2-3 liters per day.

Note: The 55 gallon barrel would also collect water for bathing, laundry, and other needs.

This video below shows how nature distills water.

This is much more complicated way below, but the science is good, Rojas is clever, and for the gear heads who need complicated, here it is:


Andy Lee Graham 18 years abroad, and 107 countries.

I am not a prepper.. LOL

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