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Here is an article about how ultraviolet rays used in Colorado Springs to clean the water. http://gazette.com/new-uv-system-sending-cleaner-water-down-fountain-creek-utilities-says/article/121618

The Last Mile Challenge, how to reach the people at the end of the road, the 2-4 billion who are not known? http://www.forbes.com/sites/ashoka/2014/02/17/6459/#45ae25424c2a

I learned that eating lentils causes many problems when one uses a shared toilet, with no lights, and it cold. Kpalime, Togo West Africa.

We have a room for you, with no running water, and a shared shower, but really quite nice, a high density foam mattress, and tons of loving children around you.

Hello, I have updated the photos on Walk the Walk, opinions are welcome. Thank you, Andy Lee Graham http://www.walkthewalkvolunteer.org/