What Andy Graham Learned Walking The Walk In Kpalime Togo Living in 6 USD Per Month Room

What Andy Graham learned Walking The Walk in Kpalime Togo living in a 6 U.S dollar per month room. Stop talking, and walk the walk.

What I have learned here in Kpalime, Togo West Africa by living in a 6 dollar per month room.

@ I cannot buy a hand pump locally, moving water around is a problem.

@ The water out of the well is warmer than I thought, and I can take a dip shower without being too uncomfortable.

@ My neighbors wash clothes continually, daily.

@ They put their children on small plastic toilets in the morning.

@ Having a night toilet would be nice, chamber pot.

@ Going to well in morning is social event.

@ My goal for room heat is to have it be cold as outside by one hour after sunset, to have a big temperature difference is the problem.

@ They have trash pick up, November 4, 2015. I thought the locals burned all the trash.

@ I need a good flashlight for night trips to toilet. November 5, 2015

@ Using a chamber pot should be avoided, any collection of excrement in the room is almost a worst problem then making a midnight run to toilet. November 21, 2015

@ I have a fear of the cold, therefore I avoided night runs to the outdoors western style toilet, that flushes with bucket of water. It is really quite warm, so no need to have this fear of cold. Now with a large LED rechargeable light, it is easy to enter the toilet at night.

@ December 17, 2015 -- I cooked some lentils last night, this type of food makes one go to the toilet more often. One could see, that many of the foods the Togo people eat are not prone to bowel movements. This may be one of the reasons they eat so many carbohydrate foods?



@ How to get someone to carry water to my room? November 5, 2015

@ Super hot back wall to my room, temperature get up to 95 around 2-3 in the afternoon. October

@ Night toilet

@ Stop getting bites by mosquitoes at night on trip to shared toilet

@ Lights for toilets.

@ How to carry keys to shower, or toilet to room.

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